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Sivana, all about speed

In 2021, it was little Dizzy Bizu (Caravaggio) who triumphed in this Prix de la Mère Marie (Inédites). Already in the spotlight among the juniors with Goeva (Goken), the stallion Goken (Kendargent) and the stunt of Guy Pariente once again shone thanks to Sivana!

Sivana was able to take advantage of the wake of Quite the Dilemma (Dragon Pulse) to breathe well. When it came time to pass the stands, she still had plenty of resources. Shifted 400m from the goal, Sivana finally came to dominate Kokachin (Kodiac) in the last meters of the race.

The best 2yo in the stable. After the race, winning trainer Anastasia Wattel said: “Sivana was working well in the morning, but I have very few lines at the stable. She showed ways right away. Guy Pariente is a brand new owner for me. I currently have two of his 2 year olds in my squad. So far this is my best. I have to see with her owner for the continuation of its program. As she dismounted, the winning jockey, Grégory Benoist, added: “I knew her from the morning. She has always shown only positives. »

A granddaughter of Princess Jasmine. Raised by Sylviane Jeffroy, Pierre Cadec and the E.A.R.L. Le Goff, Sivana was presented by the Haras de Castillon in December 2020, at Arqana, when she was a foal. Paul Nataf signed for €17,000.


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